Wirelss Handset - Gigaset C610P

Our systems are fully capatible with any device that is SIP enabled. Shown here is the setup of a Gigaset C610P wireless DECT handset, ideal for residential home phone replacement. Should you required to puchase the device from us, please contact us at [email protected]

1) Step One - Gigaset C610P

Once the device is plugin, find out it's IP address from your Modem/Router. In your computer web browser bar, type in the IP address. e.g. and press enter.
Select your language then enter the password (default 0000) and click OK

2) Step Two - Gigaset C610P

Go to the [Setting] Tab, select [Telephony] then [Connections]. Under IP1 click [Edit]

3) Step Three - Gigaset C610P

Fill in the details with your Earthtel account information, if you have an Earthtel DID, enter the phone number under [Display name], otherwise use your account Number (e.g. 50030000).
Click [Show Advanced Settings] to complete the setup.

4) Step Four - Gigaset C610P

Fill in the other info as shown and click [SET]

5) Step Five - Gigaset C610P

If all informaiton is correctly entered, you handset should now be registered.