Computer Softphone - X-lite

Softphone will allow you to make local telephone calls via your computer. Shown here is a free softphone called X-lite by CounterPath.
X-lite is a registered trademark of CounterPath Corporation.

1) Step One - X-Lite

Download a copy of X-lite from CounterPath's website. Install and start X-lite.
Once the application is open, go to:
[WIN] - Softphone -> Account Settings
[MAC] - Preference -> Accounts

2) Step Two - X-Lite

Click the [+] icon on bottom left to add your new Earthel account.

3) Step Three - X-Lite

Fill in the details with your Earthtel account information and click [OK]

4) Step Four - X-Lite

If you have entered the detail correctly, you should see a green light under status.

5) Step Five - X-Lite

You are now ready to make calls.