Our systems are fully capatible with any smart devices that is SIP enabled.

1) Step One - Iphone

We are using a free App in the App store called [Bria]. Download and start the Bria Iphone App, once openned go to [Settings] on the bottom right.

* App store / Iphone / Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc. Bria is a registered trademark of CounterPath Corporation.

2) Step Two - Iphone

Select "SIP VoIP (SIP) Calling"

3) Step Three - Iphone

Fill in your account detail, and "Enabled" your account.

4) Step Four - Iphone

If your registration is successful, you will see "Phone Ready" under [Phone]. You are now ready to make calls at the awesome low rate.

5) Step Five - Iphone

To receive phone calls, you will need to request a local phone number from Earthtel (request here), you can also configure the App to run on background to receive incoming calls. Go to [Settings] follow by [Accounts].

6) Step Six - Iphone

Under General, enable [RUN in Background].