Easy to setup

EarthTel uses open SIP standards, meaning all SIP enabled VoIP devices and applications are compatible with EarthTel. Setup a free account today, and get started.

No monthly fees, only pay for what you use

Just starting out with VoIP? Start out today with a free Peanut (free) account and start making calls. If you find you’re making a lot of calls, upgrade to a Coffee ($5.00 per month, “the cost of a coffee”) account, and start saving on every call you make with our ultra-cheap Coffee rates!

Fantastic call quality

Our call quality is the difference between an OK VoIP experience and the EarthTel VoIP experience. Being powered by the Encoo network, we only offer business grade voice calls.

Our Rates.

Our rates are so good you just won't be able to say "No"



No fixed monthly fees


Local phone number

10 /c untimed

Local / National Calls

18c per/min

Mobile NO flagfall

27c untimed

13/1300 Numbers